Matthew featured on “Think fit Be fit Podcast”


By Jennifer Schwartz

According to Matthew Stampe LAc of Nova Acupuncture we can cultivate a balanced life at home with the wisdom of Oriental Medicine. In this episode Think Fit. Be Fit. podcast shares the nuts and bolts of acupuncture, Tai Chi, and moving energy in the body as well as thoughts on COVID, the immune system and being our healthiest.

Jennifer and Matthew Stampe discuss several topics related to how acupuncture has improved her life, is a mainstay in how she maintains her health and about how the collective health seekers can take actions everyday to honor and find inner health power.

Topics discussed:

Chinese diet therapy
Pillars of Chinese Medicine
Tai Chi and Qigong
The second brain of the body: Microbiome
Gut Biome and cravings
The 5 elements and balancing energy
Marijuana and Chi
Hormones and sexual health
Thoughts on staying healthy during COVID
Links of interest:


Essence of Chinese Dietary Therapy

Jenn’s practice in Alexandria Virginia- Holistic injury care and performance wellness

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