Matthew Stampe with Coach Weiqi | Yongnian USA chapter 1994 | Fu Zhongwen and Coach Xu Jenheng

Links to Instructors with connection to Fu Zhongwen’s Yang Tai Chi Chuan and Yang family in Yongnian China, Guangping prefecture. Some of the instructors below are Yang family bloodline or disciples. I will put a * next to them. Some I can vouch for, others I cannot vouch for. Some do multiple martial arts like Wushu and other martial arts.

Our suggestion is to study with someone that has gone deep in Yang Tai Chi Chuan, knows the 85 form and the curriculum that Fu Zhongwen taught such as solo form, sword, saber, long pole, push hands, da lu, fajin form, partner sets, and the basics.

World Yongnian Association Perth Australia: “James” Fu Qing Quan (current lineage holder/bloodline of Yang Luchan)*

World Yongnian Instructor list Perth disciples of Fu Shengyuan*

Facebook page World Yong Nian Tai Chi Federation

Damon Bramich in Newcastle Australia disciple of Fu Shengyuan*

Miciah Guglielmi in Australia, Authentic Yang Tai Chi.

Cui Zhongsan, grandson of Cui Yishi, Beijing Yongnian society.

Zhao Youbin, son of Zhao Bin has a Yongnian Xi’an chapter in China and Bangkok.

Coach He, Weiqi and Coach Xu Jenheng (Weiqi’s husband), disciples of Fu Zhongwen 5th generation*

Jenny Tang niece of Coach He Weiqi*

Yongnian Tai Chi Malaysia

Kaustav Guha of Sattvamushti Taijiquan in India.*

Yongnian Tai Chi federation of India in Palani, former instructor Michael A. Selvaraj.

Sifu George Thomas, Founder and President of FU SHENG YUAN TAI CHI ACADEMY-INDIA CHAPTER.*

Spain: Gago in Barcelona. Yongnian page disciple of Fu Shengyuan* and other martial arts.

Facebook page Yongnian Spain

Hugo Eduardo Trigo in Argentina student of Gago.*

Nelson Barroso in Portugal, Authentic Yang Tai Chi.*

Marcus Zhao, from Shanghai, Fu Shengyuan disciple, Yongnian New Zealand.*

Andy Denney in the UK, Authentic Yang Tai Chi.

Michael Blackburn in Vancouver B.C. Canada

Gordon Feng in San Francisco Bay area a neighbor of Fu Zhongwen in Shanghai.

Xie Bingcan in Bellevue Washington studied with Fu Zhongwen and Ma Yueh Liang in Shanghai.

Ted Knecht Yongnian Taiji in Cleveland Ohio ,student of Mei Ying Sheng (Yongnian Chengdu).

Allen Washington: Blue Cloud Tai Chi in Cleveland Ohio ,student of Coach Xu Jenheng and Coach Weiqi.

Matthew Stampe- Washington DC/Virginia/Maryland , student of Coach Weiqi, Coach Xu Jenheng (Yongnian USA), and Shifu Xianhao Cheng (Yongnian Hangzhou) and Damon Bramich (Yongnian Australia).