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*Always consult a doctor before starting a new workout regimen. We are not responsible for any injury that may occur on your journey to health.

Alexandria Virginia USA

My Hours: M-W-F from 2:30-7pm, Tuesday and Thursday 9am to 1pm, Saturday 9am-5pm.

Address: 3343 Duke St. Alexandra Va. office: 703-259-9193

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Offering Acupuncture for pain, mobility, stress, anxiety, fertility, breech presentation, Pre- IVF, Allergies, digestive issues and more.

Intake: $135.00. Follow-ups: $85.00


1.    Package of 3 is $240 which comes to $80 a treatment.

2.    Package of 5 is $375 which comes to $75 a treatment.

3.    Package of 10 is $700 which comes to $70 at treatment.

Tai Chi, Martial Arts, and Qigong*:

Private lessons are $1000 for 10 hours of training, all must be paid up front. contact me at matthew.stampe at Gmail dot com

  “My free time is very precious to me and my family. Our clinic is busy and my main source of income. If you are serious to learn Yongnian Tai chi and what I have to offer, it will not be a waste your hard earned money. The time I will give you, truly cannot put a price on it. Money shows you are serious, and people tend to respect and value what they pay for. Many full time Tai Chi teachers have NOT competed in full contact fighting, push hands, and combat events like I have, nor do they have the courage to. Many are Youtube and marketing experts showing off dishonest push hands sensing tricks on their students or people unaware to the technique. I choose integrity and teaching few deeply over mass marketing, showing off, and pretending.” Sincerely, Matthew.


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