Here is what people have to say about Matt’s abilities to teach Taijiquan, martial arts, or healing methods:

Tyson DeWees– Full contact fighter, Personal trainer- ” As a massage therapist myself I am highly critical of most massage. Matt Stampe was not only able to give me a good massage and help with a nagging IT Band issue, but his knowledge of Anatomy and Physiology is very strong. He can explain the strokes and why he is doing them(I know I asked). His hands are experienced and he knows what an athlete and fighter needs to stay healthy and at the top his game. I would recommend Matt Stampe to anyone looking for a good and thorough therapeutic massage.” -Ty(Tyson) DeWees

Mark “Diamond Heart” DeLuca– Pro Muay thai fighter (20 pro fights). Testimonial: “I recently had a 90 minute Thai massage to help prepare my body before my last professional Muay Thai fight and was extremely happy with the result! The combination of stretching and pressure left me feeling relaxed, yet energized. The experience was outstanding and I hope to do it again soon!”-Mark Deluca.

Ron King III for Ron Jr. Matt is a highly professional and well versed in working on combat athletes. My son recently had a session with Matt before he left for the World Championships in Italy. Matt is extremely professional and well versed in the needs of combat athletes. We will definitely be utilizing Matt services before each one of Ron’s fights.

Derek Sierra– professional Boxer, Crossfit coach (1-4-3)”Matt has worked wonders on me. After training, his massages have helped my recovery.”-Derek Sierra.

Sifu Rob Zaremba– “I trust Matt and feel confident he knows what he’s doing. He has an extensive knowledge of various healing modalities and with over 20 years experience as an internal Martial Artist and Therapist, Matt has developed the sensitivity and awareness to provide expert care to his clients.” -Rob Zaremba, Chinese Martial Arts Teacher

Jeff Ruth-“Matt Stampe is a highly qualified and very professional massage therapists. He has treated me and the amateur and professional athletes I train. I highly recommend him for all your therapeutic needs.” Jeff Ruth- owner and professional MMA fighter (9-0)

Martial Arts:

Toni Prada– ICMA instructor #internalpugilismthailand Bangkok Thailand:  “I would highly recommend any serious martial artist to visit matt. The principles he teaches can be integrated into any style. Matt has clearly spent many years developing his skill, he is able to demonstrate the method leaving no doubt about its efficacy. Most importantly he is able to deconstruct and convey the principles and method with great clarity.”

Neal DeGregorio- Chen Taijiquan instructor.  “There are many things that one can pursue with their own personal time. Some require a lifetime of learning, training and teaching to achieve skill. Taijiquan (Tai Chi), is one such pursuit. I have known Matt Stampe for more than a decade. I find him to be an honorable person. He has trained extensively in Yang style taijiquan, as well as other martial arts for more than 30 years, under well respected teachers. There are many people that teach taijiquan, but few are able to teach it in a way that others can understand and as a result, achieve skill and benefit from the practice. Matt is that rare teacher. In order to have an even deeper understanding, Matt has pursued Traditional Chinese Medicine. Such knowledge informs his understanding of taijiquan beyond what most teachers could offer. I have had many long discussions about taijiquan with Matt, and am glad to count him amongst my friends. He is truly a rare person.”

Pukai Jin:  Virginia University or Integrative medicine former class president.  “I highly recommend Matt Stampe for he is a dedicated professional. As a knowledgeable teacher of Tai chi, a great Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner, I feel very privileged to have chance to learn from him. He treats patients with his skill, knowledge and passion. Matt is truly a healer.”
Max Wu: Classmate at VUIM.edu. “Matt was my mentor in our Masters of Acupuncture program, and I learned much from him, not only in acupuncture and Chinese medicine, but also in the right approach to understanding and caring for patients. Matt has a holistic and humanistic approach to both his healing and his Tai Chi martial arts teaching, and I recommend him to those who seek an honest and pragmatic healer. Matt also keeps an extensive and invaluable repertoire of Chinese medicine and martial arts knowledge on his website. Check him out!”

Danny Emerick: Veteran Taiji instructor. “Matt Stampe is not only a dedicated and experienced martial artist, but he is a knowledgeable and compassionate healer as well!
Over many years now, I’ve had the chance to correspond with Matt on a variety of martial topics, and found him to be as enthusiastic about the theories and history of these arts as anyone I’ve met in my own almost 50 years of study and practice! This showed me Matt’s sincere interest and deep and abiding love for traditional martial culture.
Indeed, Matt has, not just years, but decades of serious training in T’ai-chi Ch’uan! Focusing on the traditional Yang style as taught by the Yang and Fu families, Matt also has done extensive research in the Cheng Man-ch’ing 37 posture form. He is more than qualified to guide and teach others these arts!
As a healer, I can’t say enough about Matt…
Last year, my wife was battling cancer. As many might know, there can be debilitating side effects from the chemo and radiation treatments, and she was suffering from them all. Though I now live in Thailand, Matt found out and suggested a few Chinese herbal formulas that he said would help. My wife readily agreed to try them, and after taking just the first dose, the side effects disappeared! She continued taking these formulas for the duration of her treatments, and never again suffered any of the side effects! I am, and always will be, indebted to Matt for this. Matt and his family came to Thailand not long ago to visit, he immediately treated her with acupuncture. Needless to say, Matt’s knowledge and skill as a LAc proved 100% effective in relieving her pain! I cannot imagine having a more caring or compassionate physician than Matt!
So if anyone is seeking a teacher of the traditional fighting arts, or a healer with proven skills, you can find them both, the martial and the medical, in my friend, Matt Stampe!”


Dave Kaplan– professional MMA fighter (3-4)

Ryan Hall- owner 50/50, Black Belt in BJJ and professional MMA/BJJ fighter.

David Carter– owner and fighter of relentless Muay thai(6-0)

Mike Easton-professional MMA fighter (13-3)

Lloyd Irvin– BJJ Black BeltMMA school owner and fighter (3-0)

Todd “White Lightning” Wilson– Pro boxer (15-0)

Vivek Nakarmi– owner Pentagon MMA, champion IKF and WKA kickboxer

I’ve had the honor to have trained and met with some great teachers and friends- (links coming)

Dr. Tae Cheong Choo- Virginia University of Integrative Medicine (VUIM).
Dr. Marc Wasserman- VUIM, professor, Clinic in Maryland.
Dr. Bruce Park. Virginia University of Integrative Medicine.
Dr. Hon Lee. VUIM, Jow Ga, Acupuncture Herndon Va.
Dr. Hyung Sik Byeon – VUIM clinic director.
Dr. Andrew Pyo- VUIM. Constitution Acupuncture.
Dr. Hoyoon Chong- VUIM. Yedam Welling.
Dr. Shiung-Fei Kang- TCM- Richmond Va. now in New York
Dr. John Kang- Richmond Virginia Acupuncturist.
Dr. Alex Shipgel and Shifu Mike Patterson- San Diego Hsingi.
Dr. Zhiqiang (Charlie) Lu- TCM- Fairfax Va.
Dr. Sulan Su- TCM- Rockville MD
Dr. David Walls-Kaufman- Capitol Hill Chiropractic and capitolhilltaichi.com
Dr. Thomas Tauer- DNFT Chiropractic – Richmond Va.
Dr. Scott Kozlowski- Family Chiropractic- Fairfax Va.
Dr. Ken Fish- Wellspring Clinic, Hsingyi- Gaithersburg MD.
Dr. Dale Dugas- martial artist, TCM practitioner, Iron palm liniments.
Dr. Brian Allen- PCOM grad in Delaware, martial artist, acupuncturist.
PCOM- Pacific College of Oriental medicine
VUOM- Virginia University of Oriental medicine.
Dr. Eugene Zhang- TCM doctor. Fairfax Va. clinic.
Dr. Newton Lee- TCM doctor and professor at VUOM.
Dr. Kuou- TCM doctor and professor from PCOM at VUOM
Dr. Aubrey Fisher- TCM doctor and professor from PCOM at VUOM
Dr. Dae Kim-TCM doctor and professor at VUOM
Amy Tseng Ballon- Taiwan trained and Tao family lineage of acupuncturists.
Madame Weiqi He- U.S. Yongnian Taijiquan Association, president. Richmond Wushu.
Sifu Damon Bramich- Better Health Naturally Australia.
Xu Jenheng- Goulin Qigong Massage- Richmond Va.
Madam Leanne Gehan- Taijiquan and Tui-Na. – Virginia Beach Va.
Justin Flinner- LAc and Virginia University of Integrative Medicine.
Nancy Bloomfield- Qi Elements School of Massage- Fairfax Va.
Sifu Wilson Pitts- Taijiquan, Qigong, and Polarity Massage- Richmond Va.
Eric Garletts- Massage Therapist- Richmond Va.
Henry Kagey- Rolfing- San Diego Ca.
Fuller School of Massage- Virginia Beach Va.
Berkeley Springs State Park- Massage / Mineral Baths- Berkeley springs WV