Martial Neigong: Internal skill

Martial Neigong has different goals compared to Daoist neigong. Here is #1 of our Martial Neigong system for developing a “Steel wrapped in Cotton” body

Must abstain from sex to build jing (vital essence). “Your GF/wife won’t like you if you practice this”– Xianhao Cheng. Wait 24-36 hours to resume neigong after sex.

Caution: Not for those with lung diseases or pregnant. Lung exercise #3 (holding breath) for sure.

Prelims: Quieting the mind with concentration drill: count backwards slowly from 60 to 0.

Lung prep exercises Cleaning/Purifying breath, Filling/Balance Breath, Holding/Expansion breath.

Dan tien breathing skill with wuji standing, Taiji mabu- hold basket, and jibengong walking basics: forward, back, side, with hands (brush knee, cloud hands, repulse monkey, etc (total 12).

Martial Tai Chi Neigong 1 through 8

Practice Taolu/form: long form 3 times or short form: 9 times.

Push hands: partner hand: single, double, fixed, moving step. Da Lu, and freeplay.

Close: Wuji Standing at end of form, Pa Dai gong (Patting/packing massage skill) close at Dan tien Reverse breathing.