Tui Shou, Da Lu, Da Shou, and San Shou

*Always consult a doctor before starting a new workout regimen. We are not responsible for any injury that may occur on your journey to health.

Tui Shou (Push/Sensing Hands), Da Lu (Big rollback), Da Shou (striking Hands) and San Shou (Free fighting).*

Future area of talk about 8 energies, striking, and sparring in Taiji gong fu.

Tui Shou addresses the 4 square directions. There is single hand, and double hand fixed step and moving step methods.

Da Lu addresses the 4 corner directions as a bridge to Da Shou and San Shou.

Da Shou uses striking of ban lan chui, 5 fists drills, and more.

San Shou free fighting with all above.

In all, there are over 100 methods to cover and master.

Sample demo