Weigong Conditioning

*Always consult a doctor before starting a new workout regimen. We are not responsible for any injury that may occur on your journey to health.

Weigong + Neigong + Qigong= Taiji Kung fu.*

Weigong conditioning training strongly:

1. Invigorate the heart and circulation system (blood and lymph).

2. Invigorate the respiration of lungs, air/wind breathing, and diaphragm.

3. Invigorates moving water with sweating through the skin pores.

4. Invigorates and strengthen the muscles, tendon, and bone physiology.

5. Invigorates the nervous system, enhance mood, relieve depression by circulation of natural body chemicals like endorphines, seratonin, adrenaline, and dopamine.

We advise to train intelligently. Age, experience, and well being are factors we will determine your level of intensity.

Areas of training will concern stances, kicks, strikes, throws, moving stances, sections, forms for strength, conditioning, stamina, endurance, speed, and will. Various bags, focus mitts, thai pads, kick shields will be used.

Condition of hands, arms, body, back, legs, feet solo and partner work.

Body weight exercises based off abdominal work, Squats, and push ups.

Stretching: floor, wall, bar, and partner stretching.

Strengthening of bones, muscles, tendons, vessels, and skin. (Li strength).

Weights: light hand weights, free weights, Bar weight training, Kettlebells, Power lifts, Olympic lifts.

Sample exercises

Auxillary: HIIT, running, track workouts, jump rope, etc.

Testing areas: timing length of your horse stance, how many push up and sit up you can do in a minute, running speed, number of punches and kicks in rounds, etc.

Sample gong fu conditioning set: horse stance jumps, burpees, leg lifts, knuckle push ups, hindu/judo push ups, hindu squats, Thai squats, V-ups, “slap kick-outside kick-inside kick, bow stance” drill, one leg squats/pistols, planks, back bridge.

Sample of what Padwork looks like