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Home of Yongnian Tai Chi (Taijiquan) in the United States of America (U.S.A.) inspired by the legacy of Yang Luchan, Yang Chengfu, and Fu Zhongwen. Keeping Yang Tai Chi Chuan Kung fu Authentic and ever-progressive.*

Summer 2022 News: We are currently not doing the public class of Yang Tai Chi due to Covid-19. We are taking a break from teaching Acupuncture, Qigong, and  Tai Chi to Acupuncture students at VUIM.edu as well.  Our clinic is very busy. Private lessons available to serious students only.

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*Always consult your doctor before starting a new workout regimen. We are not responsible for any injury that may occur on your journey to health.


Mission: Our Mission is to provide safe, quality, and professional training and treatment modalities to students and patients looking to improve their health, relieve any mental and physical ailments, and create a sense of well being.

Vision: Our vision is to serve a community of healthy individuals that want to choose authentic martial arts and integrative medicine locally, nationally, and internationally.

We provide health information based on Integrative medicine approach to modern western medicine, and classical Chinese medicine. Our purpose is to share knowledge on self preservation training like Taijiquan (T’ai Chi Chuan), Taoist Neigong, Modern Qigong, Meditation, Western and Eastern Diet/Nutrition, Western and Eastern herbs and formulas, Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture, Tui-na & Massage, and other modalities. We will also share the original combative nature of Taijiquan as a martial art that evolves alongside ancient and modern warfare.

Yongnian Tai Chi Chuan: Grand Ultimate Boxing masters:

Fu Zhong Wen ~ Sigong ~ was born in 1903, a native of Guang Fu, the Yang Family village in Yongnian County, Hebei. At the age of seven (this is 5 years old in the west )  he started training under the guidance of Yang Zou Pun (1875-1938), the only son of Yang Ban Houin his youth Fu Zhong Wen was fortunate to train directly under Yang Jian HouYang Shou Hou and Yang Chen Fu when they returned to the village. In 1925 Sigong married Zou Kuei Cheng, the great granddaughter of Yang Jian Hou.

At the end of 1925 Sigong moved to Shanghai to assist his uncle Yang Chen Fu in furthering the development of the Yang Family schools there, as well as in the cities of Nanjing and in Guangzhou. They worked together to maintain the integrity of the system and the style.

In 1936 the Great Master Yang Chen Fu passed away after complications from a short illness in Guangzhou. Sigong was with his master till the end and received his teachers’ final teachings. Shortly after Sigong accompanied his teachers’ body back home to Guang Fu where he was buried alongside his other family members.

As a footnote to the life of Fu Zhong Wen, a letter written by Chen Wei Ming (Yang Chen Fu’s first
disciple) to commemorate the tenth anniversary of the Yong Nian Tai Chi Federation, notes that Fu
Zhong Wen received teaching and guidance from his relative, Yang Chen Fu, and learned to the
highest standard, and has made no alterations, in which people say his tai chi is authentic.
Fu Zhong Wen as also know by his peers as Fu Wu De for his honor, Kung Fu Skill and Virtuous character.
Fu Sheng Yuan- Fu Zhongwen’s son.

Fu Sheng Yuan ~ SiFu~ (FSY), born 19th February 1931, a native of Guang Fu the birthplace of Yang Family Tai Chi, he was the only son of the famous Tai Chi Master Fu Zhong Wen.

Fu Sheng Yuan is a direct descendant of the founder of Yang Tai Chi, Yang Lu Chan and was the first male of his generation, making him the 5th generation patriarch of the Yang Family. Being first male of his generation, FU Sheng Yuan started learning his family art from the age of seven.

Sifu was extensively tutored by a core group of Family, as well as students of Yang Jian Hou and many disciples of Yang Cheng Fu some of these masters he trained with for decades as it was a great honor to teach a generational leader.

For nearly half a century Fu Sheng Yuan trained nightly with his father, as well as his father’s Gong Fu brothers and their disciples, generally for a minimum of four hours a day and often from 11pm onwards. 

Sifu (Fu Sheng Yuan) was influenced by so many great masters. They include:

–          His father, Fu Zhong Wen.

–          Cui Yi Shi and Nu Chun Ming, who were students of Yang Jian Hou and disciples of Yang Chen Fu, both of whom resided in the Fu Household for long periods of time, including parts of the Japanese occupation. Sifu also spent considerable amount of time in Beijing with Cui Yi Shi and regarded them both as Sigong (Kung Fu Grandfathers).

–          His Uncles Fu Zhong Yuan and Tian Zhao Lin, who were both Disciples of Yang Chen Fu, and some of the only students of Yang Shou Hou.  regularly stayed with his uncle Fu Zhong Yuan who was a large man like his great uncle Yang Cheng Fu and excelled at push hands, Fu Zhong Yuan later became resident master teacher in Guang Fu.

–          Other Disciples of Yang Chen Fu, Sifu regularly trained with included: Chen Wei Ming, Niu Jing Xuan, Li Ya Xuan, Chu Gui Ting, Zhang Qin Lin, Chen Guang Kai, Pu Yu, Chen Yua, Wu Wei Chuan and his cousin Yang Shou Chung (first son of Yang Cheng Fu)

–           Fu Sheng Yuan and his family had a close relationship with the Wu family who resided in the same village just around the corner from the Fu Family home he would often visit and practice, one of his favorite Wu style uncles was Wu Tu Nan whom he was friends with for over 50 years.

 In later years Sifu assisted his father in teaching Wu Shu as an instructor at the Shanghai Wu Shu Association, as well as other institutions such as Tongji University and Shanghai Chemical University. After emigrating to Australia in 1989, he continued to teach his Family’s Tai Chi, spreading the art to over twenty-five countries around the world. After his father passed away in 1994, he became head of the Yong Nian World Tai Chi Federation, until his passing in 2017.

Sifu Damon Bramich

Damon Bramich (Fu Wu Xai) began his training with Fu Sheng Yuan in 1991 and became a Tuti Disciple in 1997. He says, “I was in awe of Sifu’s skill level, which was way beyond all the other teachers.”

Although Damon was still quite young at the time, he was already an accomplished Tai Chi practitioner and Martial Artist with 14 years’ experience.  

Damon had a special relationship with his teacher, and his teacher’s family, being the only close door disciple (Tuti) to regularly stay with his teacher in Perth Australia, which he did most years from 1996 to 2016. Being of similar age to Fu Shen Yuan’s only son, Fu Qing Quan, he regularly assisted them both on teaching trips throughout Australia, Asia and China. Between 1992 to 2017 Damon travelled on over 50 occasions to support his teacher on these tours. Damon is regarded as his master’s second and was the one that received FSY’s final teachings over the course of two weeks before he passed in March 2017.

Shortly after the death of Fu Sheng Yuan, Damon accompanied his body back home with his Kung Fu brother, Fu Qing Quan, to be laid to rest with the other great Yang Family Masters.

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*always consult your doctor or health care professional before starting this or any other fitness program to determine if it is right for you.

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