Matthew Interviewed by reporter Bingru Wang

We were interviewed by Bingru Wang who is a reporter in China. She was interested in doing a segment on how Chinese medicine is accepted in the west. She visited Marc Wasserman’s Flow Health clinic in Hunt Valley Maryland where I showed her some Ba dua jin and Taijiquan and talked a little about Chinese medicine, but the star of the show is Marc Wasserman, he was one of my professors at Virginia University of Oriental Medicine and he has a PHD from a prestigious university in Taiwan. Marc can read, write, and speak Chinese brilliantly and it is why I directed Bingru to Marc when she first approached me.

English subtitles:

Chinese video here:

Over the summer I was a teaching assist at the acupuncture university for Clinical Point selection and Communications II. Professor Justin Flinner ( with his unique way of teaching is an invaluable asset to the school. I really enjoyed the experience.

In the Communications class he was teaching about using social media, blogs, websites, and podcasts to communicate your message across. He even did a podcast from the classroom in a discussion on “healing presence” a talk with acupuncture students. Compassion, empathy, sympathy, and good bedside manners in the healing process.


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