Xiang Gong: The Fragrant Mind Awakening Qigong 中国香功-田瑞生

Xiang Gong 中国香功-田瑞生.

Often in the days of training at Richmond Wushu back in the early 90’s, after class, Coach Weiqi would sometimes guide us through some of these Buddhist qigong movements as a warm-down. Some history of the style and video can be found here at links at bottom of page.

Coach Weiqi says this is a really great set to teach elderly folks since it doesn’t require any special breathing. Sometimes special breathing methods can make people feel headache, nausea, or dizziness.

Basically, the origin of this qigong comes from Master Tian Ruisheng. Master Tian Ruisheng was taught this as a ill young boy by a traveling buddhist monk. He was told to practice it every day and not reveal it until 50 years later. He diligently practiced and eventually taught it after 50 years. It quickly became a popular qigong in China. There are 3 sets. Only set 1 and 2 are presented here.

Again, this qigong does not follow any special breathing. Just breath normally.

If practiced everyday it may help with asthma, diabetes, circulatory problems, stroke, obesity, deafness, hormone imbalance, arthritis, digestive issues, skin diseases, and stress reduction.

It is contraindicated for people with acute coronary infarction, acute appendicitis, Rabies, poisoned from snake, spider, poison plants. Schizophrenia, late stage cancer, and hyperactive children should not practice either.

The reason it has the name fragrant or aromatic qigong is that it stimulates the endorphins making the finger tips often have a flower-like aroma after diligent practice.

Just follow along. First set is arm movements primarily, the second set is more dance-like with hip and side movement.


Brazilian group doing the full set 1.

Set 2:


More information: http://www.qigongchinesehealth.com/fragrant_qigong

Chinese classical set video: https://youtu.be/ItAUwGWSXuI


This one here


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