Xia Dan Tien “Elixir field”

Mastering the lower Dan tien must occur first .

Understand the lower diaphragm and the space there below the umbilicus/navel. The space there needs to be developed over time. We may use the Ren 4 “Guan Yuan” or Ren 6 ” Qi Hai” point to help get to the Dan tien, but Dan tien is a space inside the body and not on the surface. Place the ‘mind in the dan tien‘. Mind should inwardly gaze and observe the expansion and contraction in this lower body area where small intestines are located. We raise the head and this allows ‘qi to go down‘, this allows (qi/yang, and yin/blood) to generate warmth, lastly we ‘grasp the qi in dan tien‘ where everything in the dan tien is now anchored to pull and push oxygen in and out naturally and non-forced. Once achieved, we can call this ‘dan tien breathing‘. Here in xia dantien, ingredients are distilled and dispersed into main channels like Du and Ren mai in body. Adjustment of the three lowest vertebrae assist in the distilled yang qi to move upward.

A great amount of time needs to be placed in lower Dan tien and cultivated until you feel the space something deep in the xia dan tien area. Beginners, recommend 15 to 20 minutes either sitting cross legged or standing in Wu ji stance. Try at minimum 30 minutes.

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